Frame builders:

Henry and Frank both personally built their frames except then demand was high, or when illness or age intervened. The following frame builders are known:

Harry Grey (1930s) See John Gill’s piece in Classiclightweights
Worked with H.Carpenter at the Penton Rd address as a frame builder , reputed to have slept in the shop cellar for a period when digs were not available.

Ken Britwell 1950s – 1966. See info added to Paul Duchene’s website by Steve Britnell of Cirencester, March 15, 2013 at 12:26
“My dad (Ken Britnell) worked for Frank Carpenter (frame building) from the fifties up to about 1966, when we moved to South Cerney near Cirencester Gloucestershire. Before working for Frank he worked for Macleans at Islington. I think that’s where they were. Frank was already thinking about retiring when dad said he was leaving. I think Franks plan was for dad to manage the shop and frame building. As a young lad I remember going into Franks shop. By some strange coincidence after Frank retired, someone for a short while started building Carpenter Frames in our village. (S/Cerney)”. (this would be for Swindon Cycles of 90 Commercial road, Swindon who also built Colin Capes frames)  

I keep looking on Ebay for Carpenter bikes, but people must hang on to them. They don’t make bikes like that any more. 🙁

Johnny Vaughan (1959 – 63) See John Gill’s piece in Classiclightweights. Johnny worked as a frame builder with Carpenters. He was also a keen competition cyclist and rode Time Trials during this period.