1972? – Colin Cape ‘Carpenter Olympic’ # CC7274

Owned by Woody Peard, California.

(John Gill) “I do have a ( very faded ) photocopy of a “Colin Cape & Carpenter frame and cycles” catalogue which states that both Carpenter and Colin Cape cycles could be purchased from Swindon Cycles . Swindon Cycles was the retail outlet that marketed these frames. Models advertised include the Carpenter “Olympic”, The Carpenter frame pictured in the Catalogue has the standard “Carpenter” lettered transfer on the downtube .
The Colin Cape badged models include the “Fitchburg ” ( suitable for Kermesse and Criterium racing ) and the “Lima” ( a Track frame ).
Carpenter frames sold by Swindon cycles were usually fitted with Campagnalo headsets and seatpins , whereas Colin Cape badged frames used Stronglight headsets .

The – unsubstantiated – story I have so far been able to piece together, is that Frank Carpenter provided Colin Cape / Swindon cycles with some tube sets and jigs from his remaining stock when he became too ill to continue the business at Kingston – on – Thames ,these were then made into complete frames and sold by Swindon Cycles. At least one frame was sold to a customer in the U.S.A . Whether Colin Cape actually built the Carpenter frames himself is not certain and other well-known frame builders names (including Bill Hurlow ) have been mentioned who may have built some of these later Carpenter frames.”