Logged Carpenters

John Gill, the Carpenter Marque Enthusiast for the V-CC, maintains the authoritative register of Carpenter bikes, as well as compiling the wealth of information which formed the basis for his very informative section on www.classiclightweights.co.uk  – Peter Underwood’s site. The information here gives more details on some of the Carpenter bikes in our collections and owned by contacts we have made. If you want to add another, or more details on one already included, contact us on petersbed (at) aol.com

Carpenters seen publicized in the wider world are shown in the gallery on a separate page – see the tab above.

Carpenter bikes (unless noted otherwise, in the collections of Peter, Sonia, John, Joe and Paul Bedingfield)

PB/JB policies are thus:

  • Our bikes are to be used and enjoyed, not preciously buffed for showing.
  • We make every effort to ensure that every bike, once brought back to rideable condition, is used at least annually in its design mode – track, TT, road, touring, etc.
  • Where the paintwork is original and still doing its job of protecting the steel, we just clean and touch in where necessary – especially if the bike has a known history.
  • Where the bike has poor enamel or chrome, or has been restored in the past, we are more likely to re-chrome, re-enamel, then start the long job of enthusiastically re-patinating them.
  • Components fitted are, as far as practicable, appropriate to the bike and, unless stated otherwise, period correct using Carpenter’s catalogues for guidance. In reality bikes were custom built to order, then constantly ‘updated’ with new bits over a 10 or even 20 year competitive life as things like chains, chainrings & pedals, wore out or new fashions emerged. Some of our builds reflect this. For example #4921 has a ’55 frame, ’60s bars, brakes, saddle, wheels, chainset and b/b, ’70s pedals.
  • We use modern tyres and tubs. We often switch wheels between bikes to suit the event in hand.