Rides involving Carpenter bikes – planned and reports of those done. Contributions invited!


12-Aug-2018 Third annual Carpenter Marque Ride.

Contact petersbed (at) for details


13-Aug-2017 Second annual Carpenter Marque Ride.  A baker’s dozen of Carpenters out – twice as many as 2016 year. Shepperton – Hampton Court – Teddington – Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate cafe) – a visit to 52 Surbiton Rd. – The Angel, Portsmouth Rd. – Thames Ditton – Hampton bridge and back along the towpath. Thanks to Geoff Nagle and Julian Farge of Cicli Artigniali for guiding us.


3 June 2017 – Tour of Cambridgeshire individual Time Trial

Peter B raced #4921. Personal best but nearly last. My excuse was I was saving myself for the TTT which followed.


4-up Time Trial with ‘Carpenter Classic Lightweights’ team –

Joe did most of the hard work, spinning away on his SA FC hub gear with 50×18 while we clung to his slipstream. Chapeau to Nicky who stepped in at the last minute and used John’s bike. John switched to #5252, hastily strung together from the parts bin – he had to cope with a couple of chain-offs, one near the end.  We were nearly last again but ended smiling. Over a minute quicker than my solo effort earlier in the afternoon.

4 June 2017 – Tour of Cambridgeshire Medio Fondo Classic – PB riding #4921, John B riding #5479. Not so nearly last. Great fun to ride with a big contingent from Cicli Artigliani.

14-Aug-2016 Inaugural Carpenter marque rideOutside the Kingston shop

June 4-5 2016 Tour of Cambridgeshire Crono #4921 (Peter B) #5479 (John B)

pete start comp john climb comp

May 2016. Holiday tour round Lake Constance. #5000.

2016 Cronosquadre della Versilia 4-up TTT (#3115, #4216, #4296, #5071)IMG_992960393L0073_0

2015 Catford CC hillclimb (#3115). Dead last. Easily.62332408-DHP_1659




2015 Redmon CC Gentlemen’s GP. PB (#4921) paced Ian S riding Jensen 64-942 . Avoided the “Lanterne rouge”


2015 Eroica Britannia (#4921)DSC08104



2015 Tin Can Ten (#4296)DSC08324 cropped




2015 Ride 100 London-Surrey  (#4921)IMG_0570



   2015 Canes (& wipeout) on Lee Valley (#3115)


(John used his ’37 Saxon too)

2014 Lee Valley (#5071)

GIA_3475_02013 L’Eroica(#4921)



94672204N00_m2013 Alpe d’Huez (#4921)


2012 L’Eroica (#4921)????????????????????????????????????



L’Eroica 201111002X0529 compGiancarlo Brocci admires #5479 (John Bedingfield’s) and #4921 (Peter’s)