The Clubs

Symbiotic. Bike builders supported the local club scene, offering a meeting place, cups of tea, advice to juniors and favourable terms for local fastmen (sometimes, sponsorship). The riders supported their local bike shop with their custom and word-of-mouth recommendation. The informal exchange of ideas and experiences was invaluable to both. For example Dan Jenner (Excel) was closely involved with the Catford CC.  Famously, Shorters worked closely with Alf Engers. While based at Islington before WW2 Henry Carpenter nurtured clubs to the North and East of London; when Frank re-opened the business in Kingston after WW2 he similarly established close relationships with clubs to the South West of London, going as far as helping form Festival RC in 1951. Click on the following to find what we can establish about each club listed.

Hemel Hempstead CC

Wisbech Wheelers

Kingston Road Club

Clarence Wheelers

Charlotteville CC

Festival RC

Norwood Paragon CC