1936  Constrictor Boa beech rims, 32/40, Continental 27″ for tubs.

BH Airlite hubs with steel flanges riveted on.


Used with 1936 #3115



1949 Constrictor Conloy Asp rims, 32/40, 27″ x 1 1/4″

1945-53 Harden ‘Bacon Slicer’ undrilled l/f hubs.

Used on 1949 Carpenter #4296 Supalight Special


1949 Constrictor Sprint rims 32/40, (for Continental 27″/ 700c tubs)

1945-53 Harden drilled l/f hubs.

Race wheels for #4296


1970s/80s Fiamme Ergal rims, 28/28, 700c

Campagnolo Record s/f front hub

Campagnolo HiLo rear hub (1980s)

TT race wheels for 1968 Jensen 64-942


1990s Mavic 3G Front.

Mavic Comete +/- rear (with 12 optional weights).

For ’94 Rossi TT when it’s not too windy.


1990s Campagnolo Vento 16HP, clincher wheels.

16 spoke, Radial front, Radial/1x rear.

For ’94 Rossi TT on wet ‘n windy days.