All transfers available from Nick Tithecott at H Lloyd Cycles.

Up to late 1920’s  (ref: #1949)

1949 head upright   3257 down             3115 seat tube badge turned IMG_7610

‘Heraldic shield’ transfer for head and seat tubes. Carpenter down tube logo in smaller size within parenthesese. (Also shown: new decals applied to #3115)

Mid 1930s (ref: #3257)

3257 seat upright 5619045341_0d301318bc_o 3257 down

Same head and seat tube transfers, down tube logo now larger without parentheses, red gold, white (other colours by painting over)

Late 1930s re-badging, to 1940 (by deduction)

Penton St Headbadge  Carpenter seattube badges  IMG_7775

Enamelled brass art-deco head badge. Must have had them made before Penton St closed so late ’30s or (less likely) 1940. Seat tube transfer assumed to match (what else?), no change to down tube logo.

1945 to 1951 (ref: #4146 and #4614)

Penton St Headbadge 4146 seat tube transfer 4146 down tube transfer

Still using old-stock Penton St. head badges, but new Kingston seat tube transfer. Same down tube logo.


1952 to mid 1960s (ref: Carpenter restoration of #4216 completed 1963)

4216 Headbadge turned 4216 frame

New brass head badge with Olympic rings. No change to seat tube or down tube transfers.


Late 1960s (ref: #5479)

4126 Seat tube badge turned5479

Same head badge and down tube transfers. Seat tube transfer has middle ‘blade’ of fan coloured red, not white.


Stacked Carpenter logo on seat tube rather than down tube. (#4893)



One Carpenter logo on top of down tube instead of one each side (#4921). Olympic rings on seat tube.