1937 Saxon Bailey #88137

track ready

1937 Saxon Bailey #88137

Frame: unspecified tube set. Saxon lugs.

Wheels: BSA hubs, ‘Continental’ 27″ can rims

Transmission: BSA pedals, chainset, b/b. Inch pitch block chain.

Saddle: Brooks Sprinter, steel pin.

Steering: Unbranded steel bars, unbranded steel ‘Major Taylor’ adjustable stem.

Brake (when fitted). BSA

YouTube clip (Herne Hill March 2017):

Frame restoration: JGB (repairs). Argos.

Wheel building: Mick Madgett, Diss.

Frame purchased on eBay, hiding under a rattle-can spray job – under which we found ‘Fred James’ decals. We were then advised it had been restored by him may moons ago. V-CC ME helped us verify it was indeed a Saxon Bailey as we had been looking for. We were advised that in it’s racing days it had been ridden to a 1-02 ’25’ TT. Sharp, nervy handling on this one.

Rides: EGCC ‘Ten’ (as part of 3-up team); Lea Valley track. V-CC ‘Saxon’ ride.