1939 #3680 Ultra-Short Wheelbase tandem


(Graham Nevett)

I acquired this Carpenter USWB tandem as a friend’s father was clearing out his garage and there was this Carpenter tandem that he wanted to go to a good home rather than be messed around.
It was complete but wheels, handlebars and mudguards were modern and hideous. All parts are nickel plated.
It has the usual Resilion Cantilever brakes and Williams chainsets. All are nickel plated and surprisingly good condition.
The whole frame is nickel plated but has been overpainted a hideous shade of sickly yellow. There is some rust pitting and I’ll have it shotblasted and may have to do some silver solder filling before having it stove enamelled.

I have seen a  few ACE D/P tandems (My father and mother used to ride one) but never a curved tube short wheel base and the frame building quality as you would expect from Carpenter is exquisite.