Alan Ball, Festival RC

(Steve Ball) Pictured is my late father, Alan Ball, who was a member of Festival Road Club between 1955 and about 1962. This pic is about 1960 on one of his beloved Carpenters. He was mates with Jim Wheeler and the Frouds etc.



He kept a record of his bikes, with equipment specs, tube angles, wheelbase etc and colours.

His road bike had Allez pedals, Stronglight cranks with TA rings, Campagnolo Gran Sport rear and front derailleurs, Regina 5 speed block, Fiamme rims and Campag hubs shod with 10oz tubs, B17 Brooks saddle,  GB stem, Coppi bars, and Weinmann 999 centre-pull brakes.

His road/path iron also had Allez pedals and Stronglight cranks with TA rings, Fiamme sprint rims and BH Airlite hubs, 8oz tubs, a GB stem – this time with Stratalite Madison bars, a Weinmann 500 side-pull front brake.



He kept a journal of all races; where they were, weather conditions, his times and winners name and times as well.